So, I came on here about a year ago with an intention to start a craft blog.  What happened I hear you ask? (if there are any of you out there!)  Well, life happened.   Busy job, busy family, busy busy busy.  So craft gets pushed to the bottom of the pile.

I have been doing some crafting in that time though, so I might share some of the stuff I have made over the past year.   Please go easy on me – most of the photos are taken on my mobile phone (“Fix Camera” is also on the ‘to do’ list!) and I’m still figuring out how to blog.

I get so much inspiration from all the generous and clever people who post their creations on the web  I thought it was time I tried to do my part, even just a little.

So stay tuned!

I am also collecting some of the ideas that inspire me over on Pinterest so please look me up over there as well – my user name is “Caro’s Pretty’.   I’m also on Twitter – @prettythingsau.

Thanks for reading 🙂