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Hopefully you saw my other 2 posts about using up left over paper to cover notebooks – either mini notebooks or larger ones.

Here is another idea – using a simple blank ‘jotter’ style notebook but making it a little more special with a bit of pretty paper and a ribbon.     These books take less than 5 minutes to cover but are so much nicer to have on your desk or kitchen bench than a plain old notepad.


photo-4To work out the length of paper you need, all you need to do is measure the size of the notebook (measurement 1) and measure the size of the spine (measurement 2).  The length of your paper will be  1 + 1 + 2.   The width will be simply the width of your notebook.

You could just cover the notebook, but I like to add a ribbon tie to keep the cover closed when it’s not being used (and ‘cos it looks pretty!)

Again, this is very simple.  Turn your notebook onto the reverse side once covered, run a strip of glue (eg Snail adhesive) along where the ribbon will go and adhere.


Once you have stuck on the ribbon, simply turn your notebook right side up and tie a bow!

Too easy 🙂