Yesterday I showed you my favourite baby card to make.   One of the clever tricks involved in making that card is the scallop ‘lace’ around the neck and legs of the jump suit.

I wanted to show you step by step how to do this – as it is a really good trick for making a scallop border as well.    To make these ones, I used the Stampin’ Up!  1 3/4″ scallop and 1 3/8″ circles punches.   You could use any size punches though, as long as the circle punch is slightly smaller than the scallop punch.

Step 1:  Punch a circle, leaving enough room around the edges for the border



Step 2: position your scallop punch around the punched out circle to make an even border


Punch – and voila!   A gorgeous little scallop border.


If you were going to make the baby onesie card, you would need to cut the border roughly in half (always measure against the card!) to stick around the ‘leg holes’ or ‘neck hole’.

I like this technique though as it also makes a really nice border for a stamped image. It can also make a cute flower.

Such a simple technique, but really effective.