Because I hadn’t posted on my blog for a few months, I am showing you something I did at Christmas time in February!  I guess you could get really organised for next year and make some now!  Or you could change the colour scheme and this would make a nice little housewarming or thank you gift at any time throughout the year.

Tea light candle holder boxes

I got this idea from a video on YouTube by Pootles Papercraft. **    They were so easy to make.  These are a batch I made for some of my son’s various teachers.

I think I might have found myself a new ‘go to’ quick gift – some nice candle holders with a little decorated box of tea light candles to go with it.

Thanks for reading


** I didn’t follow the directions in the video perfectly (the video shows you how to make a fold flat box).  I didn’t bother with the fancy folds described in the video to make my boxes fold flat.   I just cut a simple flap and stuck it down like a normal box.  If this doesn’t make sense leave a comment and I’ll try and explain what I mean 🙂