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hello 🙂

Today I wanted to show you something that has nothing at all to do with card making, but still a fun little bit of paper craft I did with my son recently.

We had been out for dinner to a restaurant where he was mesmerised by a beautiful fish tank full of the most beautiful tropical fish.    So we decided to make our own!

Kids paper craft fish tankThe background is a blue piece of A4 paper.   The sand is torn from yellow A4 paper and the seaweed is made from strips of green paper stuck on top of each other to give depth.   We didn’t stick them all the way down so the seaweed looks a bit like it’s moving in the water.

And then the fish!   Let a 4 year old loose with a roll of fish stickers from a $2 shop and you end up with a beautiful tropical aquarium!   You could equally draw your own fish and cut them out.

Thanks for reading!

Caro x