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I mentioned in a blog post the other day that I love to look at ordinary, every day things and figure out how to make them prettier.   The other day I was in my kitchen rinsing out some plastic containers that berries and cherry tomatoes had been stored in, when it occurred to me that they would probably make perfect little gift card holders?  And they did!

Yesterday I showed you some gift cards I made with the Stampin’ Up! blossom punch:

Blossom Punch gift card setHere’s what the cards looked like packaged up in a plastic cherry tomato container!

Upcycled tomato container gift card holderYou can see a little better on an angle:

Upcycled tomato container gift card holderThe cherry tomato containers comfortably hold 8-12 note cards plus envelopes.

Check out these little blueberry containers!  They hold 4 cards plus envelopes.

Upcycled berry container gift card setI decorated the inside and the top of the containers so they look really cute inside and out:

Berry container gift card setBerry container gift card setAnd here are a few sets looking very cute all grouped together:

Upcycled plastic container gift card setsI am so excited with this idea.  I may never recycle a plastic container again!!!!

Now to find the lucky recipients of some little gift card packs … 🙂

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