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Today I wanted to show you some little Easter gifts we made for the teachers at my son’s daycare.

Easter treats with the scallop tag topper punch

There are so simple to make even a 4 year old can (mostly!) make them – and he (mostly!) did.

I cut a series of strips of card stock 4.9cm x 21cm long.   (21cm is the width of the short edge of an A4 piece of card stock.   I’ve found if you cut 4.9cm instead of 5cm wide, not only does the piece fit beautifully into the tag topper punch, but you get 6 strips out of 1 sheet of A4 paper – bargain!)

I scored 8cm in on each side and then punched each end with the tag topper punch.   I used my 1 1/4 inch circle punch to make “the window for the bunny’s house” (as my son called it).   The chocolates are mini Lindt bunnies that I found in packs of 5 at Kmart.   I put a mini glue dot on the bottom to hold the bunny in place, then tied up the top of the tags with ribbon.

James was quite happy with how they looked undecorated:

Simple tag topper punch Easter treat

I however felt the need to ‘pretty it up’ a little further, so made a “window sill” (again, according to James) to go around the window.

Decorated Easter treat with the scallop tag topper punch

To make this decorative border, punch a 1 1/4 inch circle from some scrap paper – leaving room for the border around the edge of where you’ve punched.   Then take your 1 3/4 inch scallop circle punch, centre the hole and punch.  Voila – a decorative scallop border perfectly sized to fit your punch!

Here’s hoping his teachers like their little Easter treats.

Caro x