If you have been reading my blog for a while, you know that I go for long stretches where the only crafting I get to do is making cards for the various birthday parties my 4 year old son is invited to.   Today’s post is to show you another effort we made approximately 10 minutes before leaving for the party!

Mr 4's Princess card

The body of the princess is made from a punch of folding dolls I bought to make rugby players a while back.   I traced the doll onto the back of some scrap paper to cut out the dress, and we cut the neckline free hand.     James decided the bottom of the Stampin’ Up! cupcake punch looked like a crown, which we cut out of glitter paper.  He cut the sparkly shoes free hand.   Mummy drew the hair, mouth and eyes – James drew the cheeks and chin.   And there you have it – Princess Jemima!

I didn’t use to put these sorts of cards on my blog, but now I love showing you as spending time with him making little cards for his friends is one of my favourite things to do with him.   And it shows you even little people can make cute cards!

Thanks for reading

Caro x