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I have bought some concert tickets for an upcoming birthday present. But the tickets are those ugly print at home ones, which are hard to get excited about! So I picked up a brochure for the event and decided to make a kind of gift card holder for the brochure. 

I made it from scratch and figured it out as I went along so didn’t take any measurements. I did take photos at each step though so I’d remember what I did for next time!

The first step was to roughly figure out the dimensions to make the flap that holds the brochure, and the fold for the cover:

Doing this on top of a scorer if you have one makes it even easier. If you don’t, just fold and smooth along the creases. 

Next step was to cut off the excess so the gift folder wasn’t too wide:

(In retrospect it would be better to do this step first so you’re not cutting folded paper!)

Then I put some sticky strip along the sides of the “holder” part: 


Then fold up to make the folder:


I then used the extra strip I cut off to decorate the front of the folder:


Then I decided that wasn’t pretty enough, so I added some ribbon:


Then I decided that STILL wasn’t pretty enough, so I needed a gift tag!


And voila!


This same technique can be used for smaller gift cards, vouchers etc – just adjust the folds and cuts. A great way to use up those scraps of paper you’ve been saving for a rainy day!

Now I just have to be patient because I can’t give this gift for another 2 weeks!

Thanks for reading.

Caro x