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I’m pleased to report in finally starting to feel a little better! Still off work, but I’ve graduated from lying down all day to being able to sit up for a few hours at a time. Progress!!!

Today I realised how many notebooks of scribbles and coloured in pictures I have lying around the house. 

I have a lot of long teleconferences in my job. One of my favourite things to do while listening on long calls is some doodling/colouring in that my son likes to call my “scribble scrabbles”.  

Today I decided to make some cards out of one of my “scribble scrabbles”.  First – to my punches!  Today I used large and small butterfly punches and a small heart punch:

Tip: the small heart punch is brilliant for using up the edges from paper where you’ve needed to leave spaces between larger punches.  However it can be tricky to use the punch with very small pieces of paper!  Here’s a quick tip: put the small piece you want to punch on the sticky side of a post it note. Too easy!


I had a lovely time sorting through my pile of old card stock and mixing and matching with punches. A great way to use up scraps! Here are some of the results of my playing today:

It felt so nice to be making something today!

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