Today I want to show you a “blinged up” tissue box holder I covered in Washi tape (Sellotape glitter tape to be precise!) 

I have had a very boring wood tissue box holder sitting on my desk waiting for inspiration for a few months.   Today I was stuck on a work document and looked up as was hit by the glitter urge!

Quite the contrast!

I’d love to say that this is for the upcoming festive season, but I have a feeling this may end up in my kitchen year round.  We’ll see! 

UPDATE: Now I’ve seen it in my kitchen I don’t think it’s moving anytime soon!

(I have a mostly white-walled house with splashes of red in accessories here and there, with stainless steel appliances in the kitchen.  I’m loving the red/silver sparkly combo! This is the only touch of “bling” in the house, and a tissue box is small enough I think the bling can stay!) 

Thanks for reading