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Hi.  Thanks for reading my blog 🙂

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you’ll know I have a small son.  He goes to daycare a few days a week and loves art and craft so much he often makes several paintings every day.   He brings them home proudly and then I am never sure what to do with his masterpieces!

I took him to an art exhibition last weekend and he was most intrigued by the concept of exhibiting paintings on the wall.  He wanted to know if he could bring his paintings in for an exhibition.   I had to explain why not – but it did give me an idea.  What if we made our own little art gallery at home?

A couple of clip boards and some 3M hanging strips later and voila – a mini art gallery to show off his art works!


And here they are filled with his lovely art:

IMAG0201The thing I like about this is that we can change them around easily, add a new art work to the top every day, and the older ones can be discretely ‘filed’ (some in a book to keep for later and perhaps some in a slightly different ‘filing’ place!)

It is also a good way to get them out of the way if the paint is not quite dry.

I have to say I’m actually really liking having the extra colour on the walls, and it makes the kitchen look a little different each day, which is no bad thing.

I can also see this being a great idea for a mood board, or even a cheap way to get some colour on walls with a changing range of printed images or cuts outs from magazines.


Caro x

PS I got these lovely steel clip boards at Officeworks.  Much nicer than the usual plastic ones!