Is your fridge anything like mine?  Covered with art works, notes from school/daycare, reminders and birthday invitations?   And as a result, covered in magnets, some of which are gorgeous, maybe even matching, but some … well, kinda hideous?  And the fridge is getting progressively more scratched from all the magnets.

I have previously confessed to a slight addiction to looking for craft supplies in $2 shops. So much stuff, so little money!  A while ago I picked up a roll of magnetic sticky tape, as I was sure I’d find a use for it.  Right?


My little boy and I have made a few magnets by sticking some tape to the back of punched out shapes, but the magnetic tape is not really strong enough to hold anything too heavy.   But watching him stick a birthday party invitation to the fridge the other day with yet another magnet, I had a great idea.  My roll of magnet tape!

So I’ve moved the roll of tape to a kitchen cupboard and I’ve started putting a small bit of tape onto the back of any notes, invitations etc I need to just have on the fridge for a short time – it’s brilliant!  So neat!

IMAG0199Am I obsessive?  Yep.  Is caring about magnets ridiculous? Probably!  Do I feel better?  Yep!  And I’ve finally found a use for that roll of magnetic tape 🙂

Here’s to an orderly fridge!