Two posts in quick succession. Don’t fall over with shock! Today’s post is a quick one, and probably the first of many involving washi tape in the next little while!  My lovely Mum gave me heaps of rolls for my birthday so now I’m going to enjoy finding lots of creative ways to use them! (For those who don’t know, washi tape is a kind of colourful paper sticky tape). 

My first foray was to put some on some iPod/iPad chargers to help me remember which is which and whose is who. 


They look so cute!  I’m so excited! We’re all about the pretty here at Caro’s Pretty Things. I can’t wait to figure out what other boring things around the house I can “pretty up”!

How cute does my charger look with my bag? 


 Stay tuned for some more washi tape adventures!

Thanks for reading. 

Caro x