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I warned you there would be a few washi tape posts on the horizon! Here’s my next idea for using washi tape. 

I was in my kitchen looking at a notebook I keep on the bench for …. well …. writing notes (!) and decided it was far too boring and ugly, and maybe washi tape could be its friend? 

A few strips of tape later and here’s my new notebook:


I think next time I’d probably stick a piece of card stock underneath the tape as you can still see a little of the notebook cover peeking through, but I’m much happier having this lying around my kitchen now!

Next up I was doing some work and scribbling some notes in a journal I take with me to meetings.  I usually stick a post it flag on a page where I need to make a bookmark, but then it occurred to me … Washi tape!





 Much more stylish than a post it flag!  My brain is now ticking over with how else to bring my craft obsession into the office!!!

Who’d have thought you could have so much fun with a little roll of sticky tape?!?

Thanks for reading. 

Caro x