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A couple of weeks ago I showed you the Ninjago themed invitations my son and I made for his birthday party.  His friends loved them and ours has been in pride of place on the fridge ever since. 

On the weekend I was looking for ideas for lolly bags and other things for his party. The party is on Saturday and I have approximately zero hours of free time between now and then, so any ideas needed to be quick and easy!

If you google “free Ninjago printables”, you will get lots of options for printing off Ninjago eyes in a range of different sizes. A few minutes today with a printer, some scissors and a glue runner and Ta Da!!  I present to you, “white ninja” lolly bags:


Add some mini eyes on white label stickers, and voila! Blue ninja water bottles for each child: 

Most glueing and sticking was lovingly done by Mr Soon-to-be-six himself. 

My next challenge is Ninjago cupcakes for the party.  Stay tuned! 

Thanks for reading. 

Caro x